Tired of having to use that Hotmail-account whenever you don't want to reveal your real email-address to someone? Looking for an address that not everyone has? The answer to your prayers is:

Kekkuli's anonymous email!

It's very simple: send an email to email@kekkuli.com from the address you'd like your kekkuli-emails to be forwarded to, and mention the address@kekkuli.com you'd like to get for yourself. In less than 12 hours (what, you don't think this is automated, do you?), you'll receive confirmation that all messages sent to yourchoice@kekkuli.com will be forwarded to your regular address.
Since this is only a forwarding service, it is still recommended you don't go signing up to all kinds of sites with the kekkuli-address, since you'll receive just as much spam as with your regular address. But if you want to give an email-address to someone without necessarily revealing your true identity, this is for you. Our target audience: superheroes with double identities (bruce.wayne@gothamcity.com signing up for batman@kekkuli.com). Others welcome as well. The only information we need is your regular email-address, which will never be used for any other purpose besides this forwarding service. Even if I wanted to take some advantage from knowing your address, I wouldn't know how. You're safe with our ignorance.

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I guess there should be some legalese here about not taking any responsibility for any messages coming through the kekkuli.com address, but since no one will actually be able to send any messages from a kekkuli.com-address, I guess we're pretty safe. If you do come up with a way to somehow abuse this service, you will be cut off without notice. Shake in your pants!
The service will be operational for as long as Kekkuli.com will, which for now looks indefinite. In case Kekkuli does shut down at some point, that's just too bad, hopefully you'll be able to live without your Kekkuli-address. Don't go suing us for it though.